Cross-stitch & Crochet & Knitting, Oh my!

Reach back into your memory to the summer of 2016.  Can you see it? Well, that is when I started to crochet.  However, at the time, my intention was not to crochet.  Originally, I had purchased a number of books on embroidery.  Recently, my interest in embroidery flared up again in my consciousness and I decided to crack open some of those books.  I realized that embroidery involves myriad stitch types, so I thought that cross-stitch would be a good place to begin my journey toward mastering embroidery.

Cross-stitch is made up of a series of “x”s that you stitch on a type of cloth called aida cloth, which is made up of thousands of tiny squares.  If you’re like me, when you hear the word cross-stitch, you think of grannies and old ladies, but like crochet and knitting, there is an entire community of people and resources creating patterns that are more creative and less traditional than a “Home Sweet Home” sampler.  So, without further ado, here are two pictures of some cross-stitch patterns. One I made in December for a Christmas present, and the second one is in progress.


Moose by a mountain lake

I also finished a major crochet project.  I found myself very attracted to this color combination of browns, tans, greens and purple.  You can see some close-ups of some of the squares from this previous blog post. Below you will see a picture of the blanket all ready to be attached.  I completed the blanket by single crocheting with olive green between all of the squares, and then I added a very simple border in olive green yarn.   I had to stretch my brain a bit to come up with a square combination to contain 6″, 9″ and 12″ squares.  Also, I always like symmetry and straight lines, so it took some patience with myself to let go with this project and spread the squares out in a random pattern.

Which one is your favorite?

I have two favorites. Can you guess what they are?


About a week ago, I started another mandala.  The color combination for this one is meant to mimic an exploding star, beginning with white in the middle and stretching out into black for the last rounds.  Unfortunately, the camera fails to capture the sparkle yarns I used throughout the piece. This mandala is still in progress.


Sparkly in the center.

And how about that knitting? For some reason, I don’t enjoy knitting as much as I enjoy crocheting.  However, there is great satisfaction in knitting because it allows you to create something to wear, like a sweater. Obviously, I am excited and proud that I have been able to construct this sweater, but once I realized that I should have knit a “medium” for myself and not a “large,” my interest in completing the project waned.  I am so close, though, so I just need to finish the bottom hem and add sleeves.  The yarn is called, “Dried, But Not Forgotten.” It is a DK weight MadelineTosh yarn.


I hope you enjoyed your winter tour through my plethora of projects.

I hope they encourage you to try out one of these amazing crafts.  Just remember, it starts with one stitch. If you practice, and forgive yourself for the mistakes, your flaws turn into character, and your persistence turns into a finished piece to share with your own friends and family.

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