Snow you say? Time for mittens!

I am making a quick post so I can keep you up to date.


This is the first snow of the season in Philadelphia and I am pleased as punch! Boy, it is really coming down too!




Once I knew I had today off and it was going to snow, I stopped all projects to start making my first set of mittens.

If I were to make these again, I would modify the pattern to make the cuffs smaller and also use a DK weight yarn. However, as I am trying to use up all of my worsted weight yarn, this will do for now. These are mittens that use intarsia crochet to make a snowflake pattern. It would show up better in a dark blue.



Hope you are all well and, if in the United States, happy preparation for Thanksgiving!  As long as there is green bean casserole at my Thanksgiving, I am good to go!


Update a few hours later:

Well, I finished one mitten. I definitely want to try this again using a darker yarn to contrast with the white snowflake. As it is, one mitten is no good without a matching partner, so I will make another one and then try this project with darker yarn another time!


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