Knitting woes, and Mandala Madness!

Since I last wrote, I have completed a number of projects, but spent most of the time trying to teach myself to knit a sweater.  I made a semi-successful start on one sweater, but discovered two issues.  First, I did not have the proper gauge, so the sweater would have been gigantic!  Since every knitter’s stitches are different, you need to create a sample swatch of yarn in order to determine if you are a loose or tight knitter.  Being a beginner, my stitches are loose, so my first sweater was about the size of a Hefty bag!

Second, I had to master the concept of short rows, teaching myself how to wrap & turn and pick up wrapped stitches.  What you see below is the fourth try at the second sweater.  It doesn’t look like much now, but here is the first successful neck and yoke beginning of a basic raglan sweater using the MadelineTosh DK weight yarn “Dried But Not Forgotten.”  IMG_4914

And now, on to the crochet successes!

The largest project I completed was Helen Shrimpton’s “Mandala Madness” project.  You can find the link to her site here. The reason it turned out so large is because I used a heavier weight yarn than was suggested for the project.


A 60″ tape measure for perspective


This measures 88″ across and fits a queen sized bed. I would like to sell it to a welcome home!

I also finished these little goodies for my friend’s little ones:

On the left is a crocheted hamburger, complete with pickles I made up myself and on the right is a doll I made freeform, without a pattern. I wanted it to be an elephant, but we ended up just calling it a bunni-phant.

In addition to the knitted sweater, I am working on two crocheted blankets.

The first is using a more delicate fingering weight yarn. To give you a sense of the difference, here is a photo that contains the lighter weight yarn next to the standard 4 weight/worsted weight yarn.


Most of the yarn I am using is MadelineTosh Merino wool, except for the yellow yarn, which is a wool/alpaca blend. The drape on this blanket is so light and soft. I am trying to use colors you might see in the Aurora Borealis.



What blog post of mine would be complete without some Polly Plum patterns?

I felt inspired by this color blend of Vanna’s choice yarn and I am working up a number of granny squares with a tentative plan to join them into a blanket.


This one reminds me of a Pennsylvania Dutch hex symbol, albeit maybe a witchy one!


I will try not to take so long to post next time. I am still working with yarn every day and I am excited that Fall has finally arrived! Happy yarning all!

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