The outer orbits of lengthy crochet projects


Spring was late in arriving to the East Coast of the United States this year, but it is certainly here now!  I’ve been working hard on my crochet, but also spending time outdoors.

I have crocheted a blanket for my parents, but have never crocheted anything for my in-laws!  I decided to make another one of Polly Plum‘s Lotus Moon blankets. It is this pattern, which I saw in a Facebook ad one day, that made me want to learn how to crochet.  Photos of my first Lotus Moon can be found here. Below is the second blanket, of which I am about two thirds of the way done.  Unfortunately, I do not have a secret to making the “joining” stages of crochet more enjoyable.  It is just slightly more fun than weaving in your ends! (*Sorry: this is a bad joke for my fellow crocheters.)



Plus, this flower (below) has been the inspiration for me to work more on my own patterns.  I want to make a pattern that is this cool!


Mandala Madness:  It turns out that, yes, once you start getting out there in the outer orbits of the mandala, each round takes a looooong time!  Since I am not crocheting this mandala exclusively as my only project, I now see that it may take me until the end of the year to finish this, at the least.


It even looks like outer space out here!

I hope you enjoy your Spring!

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