Phantasmagoric is a word I discovered in high school and have adored ever since.  It is the word I think of when I’m crocheting with these colors.  (All squares in this project are made up of Caron Simply Soft yarn and an I9 5.50mm crochet hook.)

I have shamefully neglected my blog, but with good reason. I came down with the dreaded flu before Christmas which led to a sinus and ear infection.  After several weeks of antibiotics, I kicked that, only to find myself back at the doctor two weeks ago with strep throat. Yuck!

But now….. I am FINALLY back to share some of the exciting things I’ve been working on.

I have adored the “Yvaine” square by Polly Plum since I first saw it and I wanted to create a project based around this square.  I might make another blanket, or, instead, I’ve been thinking about putting these squares together to create curtain panels for the window in my workspace.

IMG_0401 Here you see the Yvaine square, combined with Polly Plum’s “Ilsa” square, as well as several textured squares from her “Stardust Melodies” book.  I am still working on that textured square on the bottom left.  It’s a real doozy.  I’ve had to undo it several times to get the series of “X”‘s to lay just right.

Initially, I thought about making the “Tristan” square for the center of the blanket, if I make a blanket.  This square lives up to its classification of “Advanced.” I have had to pay very close attention to each challenging round and I’m still not finished!


Close-up of “Tristan”

Next, I have been re-mixing the colors of the original Yvaine square into different combinations in the following “Ilsa” squares.  My favorite color combination so far is the last one, of which I have featured a close-up at the top of this blog.  I just love all of these colors: that raspberry pink, egg-yolk yellow, the soft green and the fun little lilac berries, all framed in a gorgeous teal.

IMG_0400IMG_0399IMG_0398 Please forgive the uneven edges.  Nothing has been blocked yet.

Speaking of blocking, I purchased blocking wires for myself and am going to attempt to use them for the first time to block the next blanket: “Granny in the Sky with Diamonds.”


This is a Corner-to-Corner crochet blanket made with Lion Brand’s “Mandala” yarn, a variegated DK weight yarn. While I enjoyed making this, it requires a little extra attention, as you need to cut the yarn and reattach it in order to “pool” the colors in an orderly fashion.

Here is a close up. Can you see the diamonds?

This blanket still needs to be blocked and have a border added.  I’ve enjoyed working with these pinks and purples. I am usually not drawn to the pink end of the spectrum. As to whom will be receiving this blanket when it’s finished: I have no idea yet!

All of Polly Plum’s patterns can be found at her website:

You can also find them on Ravelry:

Thanks for reading!

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