Hey you crocheters!  I’ve got a way to make joining, blocking and weaving in ends fun! Want to know what they are? You have to read the post first!

Having finished my Nuts About Squares blanket squares some time ago, I decided to begin the joining process today.  There are all sorts of stitches you can use to join granny squares: slip stitch, single stitch, flat braid, join-as-you-go, mattress stitch, ahhhhh!  So many choices!  I decided to take on a new technique and learn it on this blanket; kind of like learning to drive stick on a really nice car.  Yikes!  C’mon, though: I am up for the challenge.  And so I give you: the flat braid stitch join………..


I started with the process as written by Cypress Textiles.  However, when it came to where all four corners joined, I just could not wrap my mind around the instructions.  So, I winged it.  Hopefully it will be aesthetically pleasing. It’s not perfect. I have one diagonal crossing over another, but I’m cool with it.


And here is what it looks like from afar:


Remember the question I posed at the beginning of the post? How to make this process fun?  Yeah, no: there is no way to make it fun.  I’m just going to piece together the blanket a few squares at a time over the next few weeks. That is my fun solution. Sorry for the tease!

This week isn’t a long post. I’m working on finishing a yoga bag, a baby blanket, a shawl, and…..maybe another blanket combining some Polly Plum squares.  For now, I tried to create a post that made the joining process as interesting as it can possibly be.

I hope you all have a lovely day!

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