Medieval voices in my head

I am super excited and slightly freaked out about what you will all think of me after you watch this video I made.  Those of you who know me well know how obsessed I am with the Middle Ages.  I study and think about Medieval History so much that I even dabbled with the idea of pursuing a Master’s degree in this field.

A day in bed with a nasty cold gave me the perfect opportunity to make this video. If you watch this, make sure that your audio is up, because that is really the part that embodies the feeling that I wanted to capture.  Many times, when I go on my walks through fields and forests, this is literally the music and thoughts that are in my head. I think about people going on medieval pilgrimages, facing the Plague, and all of the things they would encounter on their journeys.

All photographs and video footage were taken by me, except for the medieval paintings….     So…here goes nothing!

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