Nuts About Squares CAL

Except for the joining, I have completed thirty squares of a new blanket!

Five months ago, I stumbled upon the Nuts About Squares CAL.   (A CAL is a “crochet along” in which the instructor releases different parts of the pattern each week or two.)  Esther, from, brought together a number of patterns from different yarn designers. These are the squares that make up the CAL project. If you are interested in the information for each designer, I have included it below each photo.  I didn’t crop the first photo because it contains my favorite coffee mug and some of my favorite knick-knacks I keep in my workspace.

“Spiro Star” – Helen Shrimpton
“Esme’s Winter Cottage” – Dedri Uys
“Denna” – Polly Plum
“Le Vesinet” – Sigrun Hugoey
“Rachel” – Melissa Green
“Bavarian Beauty” – Heather Gibbs
“Fantastic” – Julie Yeager
“Tropical Delight” – Susan Stevens
“Fall Blossom” – Aurora Suominen
“Moroccan Window” – Heather Gibbs                             “Sweet and Fair” – Julie Yeager
“In Like a Lamb, Out Like a Lion” – Margaret MacInnes


I decided to make a blanket for my parents.  The instructions call for a DK weight yarn, which is a thinner, lighter-weight yarn. To go along with the thinner yarn, it requires a smaller crochet hook. However, the colors I chose were all in a Medium 4 weight yarn. To make it even MORE confusing, I used four different brands of yarn within that larger weight. So I ended up modifying the crochet hook sizes, as well as the number of squares I completed. If I had made three of each square, I would have ended up with a blanket that was 7 feet by 8 feet! Yikes!

I love the intricacy of the stitches in these squares. The reason I wanted to learn how to crochet was to make colorful granny squares with multiple kinds of stitches just like these squares.  Can you guess which squares contain these close-ups?

Here are a few more glimpses from the the journey:


I added a new process to my crochet journey with this project. I purchased a hand-held steamer and used it to block some of these squares. I tried “wet blocking” before, in which I completely immersed the square in water and then pinned it and let it dry. I found that this wasn’t working for me. Since I used so many different size yarns and hooks, it was necessary to block many of my squares in order to make them all into a uniform size.  Here is a before and after shot of two squares to show you the effects of steam blocking acrylic yarn squares:

IMG_4256 (1) I hope you have a good day! Happy crocheting!

5 thoughts on “Nuts About Squares CAL

  1. I’m basically speechless! You certainly like a challenge and I really admire your talents and perseverance. Your Mom and Dad will greatly treasure your blanket forever!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I had the pleasure and honor of seeing this finished and in-person. I too was speechless. It is truly a work of art … and a labor of love. What a talent! I know that it’ll be treasured for years to come.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This is truly gorgeous!! You’re color selection couldn’t be more perfect!! You are a good and wonderful daughter and speaking as a mother myself, I KNOW it will be much appreciated!!
    Awesome work!! Thanx for sharing~

    God Bless~

    Chris* Scholten
    Michigan, USA


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