Aran Islands Project Part IX – The Garden

The Philadelphia area just got HOT for the first time this year. (Boo.) The only part of summer that I enjoy is the garden. Growing up with a huge yard and two gardening parents, I wanted to include a square in my Aran Islands project in homage to my parents’ garden. This is the last square I made for this project, in which I repeated the same Fisherman’s Knot square over and over using different colors to reflect memories or places which I’ve visited.  I’m not sure if I will create a wall hanging with the original nine, or keep adding squares to reflect new memories.  So without further ado, the garden square!


As you can see, I messed up the corner, but I decided to just leave it as is.

These are just some of the many pictures I have from the back yard.

How about a rainbow in the hose spray?…..


Or maybe an old photo of Dad with said hose? …….

Dad garden


Just look at those colors!!!  Here are some orange cherry tomatoes my Mom grew, and of COURSE what would my blog be without a picture of blue roses? These really do grow in my parents’ garden!

The next two pictures are taken with Hipstamatic, so the colors are not literal, but this is what you see when you look up into the huge trees.  It’s like walking through a fairy wood!




The featured photo at the top of this blog post was also taken in the garden.  It really is a beautiful yard.  I hope you enjoyed this garden tour!






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