Bright Beginnings

Hello, and welcome to Spring!

I am currently creating my first original blanket, but I also found myself starting a second project. It is a CAL (Crochet-Along.): the Nuts About Squares CAL.  This post has hyperlinks all over the place to give proper credit to the designers.

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For this CAL project, the leader, Esther, releases a new square each week, along with video tutorials and written instructions on how to put together each square. The patterns are all made by different designers, and Esther brought them all together in one blanket.  ****I received a question about the photos on this blog. To clarify, I did not design the patterns, but everything you see pictured I have crocheted myself using other designers’ patterns. **********

In this blog post, I want to show you photos of my progress, as well as some pictures of the beautiful things around here that bring me sunshine, love and joy.

Osteospermum. A new flower I planted.
No editing needed! The first osteospermum is doing so well, I planted a copper-amethyst version!  It is also called African daisy.

Next up: two tiny things I want to show you.

The middle of a Spiro star on top of Polly Plum’s Lotus Moon blanket, my first project.
We also planted this Lobularia. I could fit five of these tiny flowers on one fingernail!

You have already seen  some photos of my progress with the challenging and exquisite Esme’s Winter Cottage square by Dedri Uys in my Story of a Square blog post.  The second week’s square is called Spiro Star by Helen Shrimpton.

A Spiro middle happily nestled amongst the violets.
Spiro Star by Helen Shrimpton. I am not torturing my square. This process is called “blocking.”

The third week’s square is called Denna square, and is designed by the wonderful Polly Plum.  You have seen her work before on this page, including the Lotus Moon blanket, the Harry square, and this Blizzard Warning snowflake!

Don’t you just love the tiny cross in the middle of this square? (See top left.)

Here is a little sperm whale I crocheted:

My second amigurumi.

Lastly, here are two more photos I made playing around with Hipstamatic.  The first one is the middle of a Spiro star hanging above a running rabbit. It is an homage to the beginning of the 1979 Watership Down film animation of the great Frith.  OriginalPhoto-513898026.687007

This second picture is a psychedelic Hipstamatic picture I took of the little things on my desk. It looks like a pretty cool world to live in! OriginalPhoto-514652617.244666 Until we meet again, I hope you have a happy, healthy day!


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