Aran Islands VI, VII, and other projects

Hello friends! I have been catching up on sleep and testing out new stitches and projects since I last wrote a post.  Today, I want to show you two more squares meant for the crocheted reflection of my travels, real and imagined, (also known as my Aran Islands project.)  Then, I’m just going to splash up some pictures of various crocheted things I’ve been making over the past few weeks.

Aran Islands Square VI:: The Psychedelic 60s


This is the first square I made using the fisherman’s knot pattern. I really just wanted to combine the colors of Vanna’s Choice Electric Blue, purple and the Red Heart Supersaver variegated yarn called “Grape Fizz.”  Once I began making this a full-fledged project, I decided that this square could be my homage to the high school obsession I had with the clothes, colors and music of the 1960s.

Aran Islands Square VII:: Aurora Borealis

One of the few things I have on my “bucket list” in life is to see the Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights, in person.  So I made a square to represent that. The white is the snow, and the variegated yarn is meant to mimic the light show in the sky.

Now for the miscellaneous projects. Below is a collection of random squares I’ve been trying out. You can click on each individual photo to see a description for each square.



Whoa knitting! How did that get in there? So, the story with this is that I found this yarn at A.C. Moore. They are discontinuing it: Stitch Studio by Nicole “By the Fire” in Sunset. The yarn is a chunky weight 5, and when I tried to crochet with it, I just found it impossible. I couldn’t see the stitches in each row.  However, for those of you who knit, you know that when you knit, the stitches are literally individual loops on the needle. So, I am doing the only thing I know how to do with knitting: knitting in a square. I am making a shawl. I don’t like knitting, but I was DESPERATE to use this captivating yarn. I have about 14 more skeins of this yarn, so if anyone has any other ideas, do let me know!


The color combinations above are WAY outside of my comfort zone, which is why I wanted to try them together.  I’m calling it “Psychedelic Berry Trellis.”  In the book, this square is called “Berry Farm.” It is Square #28 from “The Big Book of Granny Squares” by Tracey Lord.  It combines two stitches that I found very challenging, separated by a row of single crochet (which I did in turquoise) to join them.  The first is a series of crossed treble stitches, which you see in the “Grape Fizz” variegated yarn. The second is called a “pineapple stitch.”  If you look closely at the photo on the right, you can see four bumps that look like little pineapples.

Below are more winter squares I made for my “winter” project. I’m not sure what it will be yet. I am just having fun making the color combinations.

Last but not least, I documented the progression of another winter square I made, which I am calling my winter medallion square, because I think it looks like a huge coin on a square.  This pattern is called “Chameleon Square” which was Day 341 from yarnutopia’s 365 days of granny squares. It was designed by Button Nose Crochet.

Anyway, I’m including this in my post because the real magic of crochet is following a pattern and watching this thing almost magically create itself in your hands. It’s pretty cool. The slideshow shows you how to make a “popcorn stitch.”

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here’s how each subsequent round looks as you continue to add onto the “popcorn” flower.  Doesn’t it look like a big coin at that one stage?

And ta-da!


I hope you had a fantastic January and are looking forward to February! Until then, take care my friends!

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