Winter colors

Winter photo above courtesy of “The Old and Whimsical World”

Hello everyone! I’ve been a bit off kilter for the past few weeks. Working retail during the holiday season will do that to you! However, my advent tree is set up and I am reading the stories and devotionals for each day, so I am feeling much more centered.  On to the crochet!

As much as I love crocheting hats and scarves and things people can wear, my real passion, and the reason I started crocheting, was to follow patterns that weave together different colors and stitches to produce interesting shapes. So…….I am back to “granny squares” for a bit.

I showed my Mom some pictures of this square, and she initially thought that they were all different squares. I realized that most people don’t get to see the magic of each unique round as the piece develops when you crochet.  Except for a few rounds that I forgot to photograph, I wanted to show you the development of this square I just crocheted. I pieced together a blend of wintry colors I was eager to use in this “Harry” square designed by Polly Plum at  **As always, if any crocheters are reading this and want to know the name of a specific yarn I used, I’ve managed to keep track of the names of most of them, so feel free to reach out to me at or or!**

img_0049Picking out my colors. I used a combination of Caron Simply Soft #4 yarn and Vanna’s Choice #4 yarn.


Pretty purples and greys.

After making a magic circle, you add a round of white, then light purple. Using the dark purple, you create a “spike” stitch. This reaches down across the lavender round to create a dramatic look.


img_0051Blue “spike” stitches on top of purple spike stitches.


img_0052The next round adds another round of spike stitches. This instantly made me think of the “Star of Bethlehem.”


The colors are a bit off in the next few photos because I took them at night, (which comes so soon this time of year!)

img_0053Round 7 adds this shell stitch look. I used Vanna’s Choice “Dusty Blue.” Isn’t that a lovely name?


img_0057Next round, I outlined the whole thing with a very dramatic teal color. I had faith that it would not veer the color scheme off the rails. I wanted this whole piece to look icy and wintry.


img_0058Oops! Here is where I skipped a photo. I added a round of white, then made purple spike stitches down across the white. I see a star, melting ice around a pond, snow and icicles. What do you see?


img_0059One more round of blue added, and finally……the border….



I haven’t blocked this yet. (That means shape it.) What do you think?

Happy winter!

3 thoughts on “Winter colors

  1. Thank you Terri! The crochet process is even more magical when you are working with colors that you love, and these are my favorite colors. I plan on making this square again in the future with tapestry-like colors. Right now, though, I have ideas for a winter wall hanging. I hope you are doing well. We miss you!


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