Finishing the hat


I’m excited to show you the results of my first crocheted hat!


So here’s the disappointment: it was supposed to be a big, bunchy slouchy hat.  On the plus side, I managed to complete the complicated stitch pattern after starting the hat 5 times, and unraveling several rounds as I progressed.


I learned a lesson about gauge: the size of the crochet hook and my yarn will affect the final product. As I moved along, I was getting the feeling that it was too small.  So, now I have this beanie, which fits, but it’s really much tinier than I wanted it to be. The GREAT news is that my friend Candice gave me some tips on blocking this by wrapping it around a dinner plate, so maybe I can stretch it out a little bit. I’ll post the results of this endeavor in a few days!  UPDATE 11/29: I stretched the hat around a dinner plate. It’s a little better, but ultimately, I realized that the instructions said to use a size 6 hook, and not a size 5.  Oops!


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