America: Aran Islands Project Part II

Everyone has been talking about the election this week, so I thought now would be a good time to present my squares inspired by two places in the United States.  Through a combination of leisure travel, and also career decisions, I have had the opportunity to visit or reside for several weeks and months in a number of places in the US: from Pennsylvania, to South Jersey, to NYC, to Chicago, down to Texas. I lived in Gainesville, FL, Panama City, FL, and spent extended amounts of time in Oklahoma and Colorado.  However, I made two squares specific to two very different landscapes in America: the mountains and the shore.  Just to remind you, my Aran Islands project is one in which I’ve decided to make a Fisherman’s Ring granny square in different colors based on the theme of places I’ve been, or would like to travel to.  You can read the original post here.


This first square I made contains the colors I remember from my stay in the Florida Keys in 2000.  I stayed with my cousin, who was living on Big Pine Key.  That week, she and her boyfriend had to work most of the time, so they gave me the keys to his car during the day. I remember driving to Key West listening to a Louis Armstrong tape I found in the car and visiting the beach, Ernest Hemingway’s house, and the slightly New Orleans-like Duval Street.

On that trip, I also purchased some fabric with which to make quilts. I even made a homemade shirt out of blue corduroy and the blue cotton fabric, although this shirt is long gone.

These are the two fabrics I bought that are part of this crazy quilt I made.

Like any other Northeasterner, I went “down the shore” as a kid, but most of my time was spent in the mountains. There is one particular place where my grandmother and great-grandmother were born, and I have spent a lot of time up in northern Pennsylvania. This square is inspired by my time there.


This square is meant to have woodsy colors. The burgundy and brown are for the cabins we stayed in. The blue color in the middle reminded me of jeans, because we would dress down and relax in our time in the mountains. Lastly, I have a dark blue border with silver sparkles because the night sky was beautiful. It was much easier to see the stars than it is around here with the city light pollution.







I told you: I’ve been doing this camping thing for a long time!
My cousin and I in our early 20s. I was making a lot of homemade dresses at the time.
My great-grandmother and I on the porch swing at one of the mountain houses.

Even though I didn’t make squares for them, I wanted to include two photos from the plains and the BIG mountains: the Rockies in Colorado.

The Tall Grass Prairie Preserve in Oklahoma. This is thousands of acres of land that has wild buffalo roaming on it. And we saw them on the ridge! It was a tremendous experience.
Me in awe of the Rockies: Colorado two years ago
We climbed that!
Ascending 12,000 feet on West Spanish Peak

I hope you also get to explore some of the wonderful landscapes in America!

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