Stranger Things

Just yesterday, I finished watching Season One of the show “Stranger Things” on Netflix.  This show is freaking awesome. It’s like the Goonies meets Twin Peaks. It was also very nostalgic for me. If you are also a child of the 80s, you’ll remember that all of your favorite movies like The Never-ending Story or Labyrinth had these highly synthesized soundtracks.  I posted only the opening song and encourage you to watch it on Netflix, and do NOT look it up on Facebook, or watch previews on youtube, etc.

So, in honor of a day of Stranger Things, I thought I would post a few pictures I took and some crochet I made yesterday.

First, the crochet. I saw this pattern in a book for a winter moon. After I crocheted it, I realized it was a little creepy. It reminded me of the animation from the beginning of the 70s version of Watership Down. This is the only clip I could find. It has subtitles, but I think you’ll get the point.

Crocheted moon

And here’s what I did with it. I took a photo using “Roboto Glitter” in Hipstamatic, and then also took a picture of it on top of this photo of wild buffalo I bought in Oklahoma.



It looks stranger in black and white

And finally, a little Thanksgiving vignette I took at my parents’ house:

Sorry, Mom, but I do think these folks are a little creepy.

You never know what stranger things you’ll find in your own day.

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