The Witch’s Daughter


She became aware of the sound of distant music drifting faintly through the trees. As she walked on, she recognized the melody of “Greensleeves,” but it was played with such roughness, such urgency of rhythm and such chaotic volume it was rendered the sound of madness – insanity made music.

While I work on my next project, I thought I would do a quick book recommendation.  This is the first book by Welsh author Paula Brackston. “The Witch’s Daughter” is a story about magic, witches, time travel, herbal lore and the plague.  I feel bad that the time of year (Halloween, witches, ghouls,) made me think of this because it is NOT a book about these sorts of witches:


Like Brackston’s other books, this is a “realistic” witch story. It’s about women and men with magic powers and knowledge of the power of natural elements.  Since I was thinking about witches, (and I’m always thinking about the Medieval plague,) I wanted to tell you about this dark interesting tale.


You can check out everything about Paula Brackston at

There was lavender oil for treating scars and burns; rosemary and mint to fight coughs and fevers; comfrey to knit broken bones; fruit leaf teas to ease the pains of childbirth…Pots of honey from John’s bees sat fatly, waiting to treat wounds that were slow to heal or save the lives of infants following sickness. In this dark, quiet corner of this unremarkable room dwelled the secrets of healing and treatments for disease handed down from mother to daughter for generations.


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