It’s beginning to look a lot like…

img_3538Snowflakes!  Okay, okay. I know it’s too early for some of you, but winter is my absolute FAVORITE time of year! I won’t go into a diatribe on all of the reasons why. I’ll just tell you a bit about today’s creation.  My first attempt at making a snowflake was semi-successful. I liked this pattern I found with the silver-grey inside of the white. I bought Caron Simply soft white and grey. Both yarns have stripes and flecks of sparkle in them, which is why I took these close-ups, because the camera just can’t seem to capture the whimsical sparkle of these fabulous yarns. Reviewing my work, I realized I should have chained 5 stitches, instead of 3, for my picot stitches.  This would have made the edges of the snowflake pointier, and more flake-like, (less flower-like.)  Also, I have not given up on the afghan.  Don’t worry: I just took a breather to make a sparkly little piece and imagine a bit of winter chill.

Check out those sparkles! It’s just like glistening snow!

3 thoughts on “It’s beginning to look a lot like…

  1. Very pretty! And it’s never too early…especially if you are making them for tree decorations. My great grandmother would bring out the snowflakes she tatted to starch them every couple of years. They are still the loveliest ornaments on the tree. Thanks for bringing back happy memories! 🙂

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