The Lotus Moon pattern

This interest in crochet was kicked off when I stumbled across a pattern on my Facebook feed created by Polly Plum. (You can find her at her website  She has really excellent video tutorials that helped me create some of the stitches that are unique to “granny squares” and circles, like the “magic circle” you see in white in the center, the “puff” stitches that you see in the salmon pink color, as well as the “picot” stitches that create the pointy ends of the lotus flower.  Here are some samples of my progress.

I don’t want to create more and more blankets, because frankly I have way too many, but I thought this project would give me great practice before I move on to create wall hangings, gloves or hats.  One thing I have discovered in this process is that I find it almost impossible to work with yarn that changes color because I have trouble identifying and counting stitches.  This kind of yarn works really well with knitting, but as you may or may not know, knitting is quite a different technique. I have trouble wrapping my mind around the knitting process (no pun intended.)

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